A New Name

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  1. Paul
    Dec 22 - 7:47 pm

    Very helpful…. as usual.

    I completely agree about the Disney messages. Underneath the ‘nice’ exterior there are really bad messages going on. Loads of plots involve rejecting the totally unreasonable and close-minded traditions in favour of “following your heart” or “believing in yourself”. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a plot where the hero[ine] rejects the tyranny of self-determination and finds true freedom and dignity in an ancient tradition or ‘religion’?

    Great wisdom on the remedy. It is not enough to merely try to prevent our minds/eyes feasting on rubbish – whether with a TV fast or internet filters. On their own these things have a use, but what is the positive alternative? Our minds and hearts have to feast on something… and just positive life-affirming content on its own is not enough either. Unless we are feasting on Jesus – on the Bread of Life and Living Water, then we will always slip back to the fast food rubbish…

    Awesome conclusion – “What is true and noble and right and pure and lovely and admirable? It’s more gripping than Songs of Praise and The Waltons. It’s the gospel – the Person of Jesus in all His irresistible beauty and glory.”

    Glory to Jesus!

  2. Emma
    Dec 23 - 9:28 pm

    Absolutely – I’d love to see an alternative to Disney where following your heart is shown as being completely disastrous. But thinking aloud, – wouldn’t a graphic animation of Revelation (for kids and grown-ups) be completely awesome?

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