What Men Want

It’s Glen here.  I’ve wrested the keyboard from Emma for this one.

Recently I’ve heard of worrying numbers of Christian women speaking furtively, fleetingly, but no less seriously about plastic surgery – botox, lipo, boob jobs, face lifts.

Let me speak on behalf of 3 billion members of the human race.  Stop.  Cease.  Desist.   And not because blokes don’t care about physical attraction.  Of course we do.  Stop because you’re fueling the ugliest thing in the world – insecurity.

And I don’t just mean that, on the face of things, we men like Barbie dolls but deep down we’d like a bit of substance.  No it’s all right there on the surface.  Women wear their desire to slice, stretch, pump and poison their bodies like Neon sandwich boards.   And it’s hard to like a body that the owner clearly despises!

Think about it, what kind of attraction is elicited by surgically mutilated bodies?  What kind of macabre desire is satisfied by seeing women slice themselves to bits?

You might well come back at me: Don’t men create this meat market?

To a very large degree, yes.  Fake men desire fake women.  Pornographied men desire pornographied women.  And both have a vested interest in the “Look but don’t touch” school of beauty.  Men don’t want to draw near, engage, serve, woo and win such women – they simply want to be gratified.  And, understandably, women don’t want these men near, so they’d best give them a plastic veneer and keep them at bay with a cheap thrill.

But how about this:  On behalf of men everywhere, we’ll stop being fake if you will.  Deal?

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