Handbags At Dawn

Overheard in a clothes shop.

The scene: two women, shopping together.  For the first few moments, they are completely focused upon the task at hand, rummaging  in silence along the racks. The dark-haired one spots a red skirt and triumphantly brandishes it in front of the other.  Then she speaks;

‘Ooooooh, look what I’ve just found – isn’t it lovely! What do you think?’

Her friend glances up and coos appreciatively.  ‘Yes – it’s  absolutely gorgeous.  And just your shade’.

Brunette turns.  ‘No, no – not for me! For you – I can just see you in this’

(Friend’s smile freezes and starts to wobble).  ‘What do you mean?’

‘Well – it’s just very you, don’t you think?’

(Friend places her shopping on the floor and, incredulous, looks the item up and down).  ‘In what way is it me?  It’s absolutely disgusting.”


2 thoughts on “Handbags At Dawn

  1. That sounds like the sort of thing me and my mum do, but we know we’re suggesting the bad clothes. Hehe, that story has brightened my morning :D

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