When Words Fail

Been talking to a friend who’s going through a really rough time right now. Searching for the words to encourage her, to rekindle her fight.  But perhaps there aren’t any.  Perhaps it’s a matter of praying and listening and being there. Perhaps, in some situations, there just aren’t any answers.

Facing the past and facing your fears is not like an episode of Oprah.  There aren’t always cameras, recording your successes.  A studio audience, cheering you on.  A make-up and wardrobe team to patch you together when you’re feeling really low. Even with other people around, there are some battles you fight in the dark, on your own.

Getting over an addiction, any addiction, is incredibly brave and incredibly tough. It’s a long game. We lose battles, but not necessarily the war. But it is worth it.  Not just for you.  For the people who care about you.  For those in the same position – both present and to come.  Because life is precious and complicated and painful.  And worth fighting for.

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