Meltdown Aversion

So you’ve had one of those catsickonthekitchenfloor/toddler meltdown/bumped into the ex wearing curry-stained trackies/missed deadline/I’m a piece of crap days.  You’re trying not to cry. Whatever your fix, what’s going to stop you self-harming and turning to destructive patterns of behaviour?

Number One.  A prayer flare.  Like literally, ‘help Lord’.

Number Two, A phone call to a friend. Talk about how you’re feeling.

Number Three. A cup of tea. Preferably with sugar.

Number Four: some self-talk. Here’s some starters;

  • Am I doing that “compare and despair” thing where I compare myself to Mother Teresa/Cindy Crawford/all the other people in the world who seem to have it together?
  • Is there another way of looking at this? Try picking the very opposite approach to the one you’d naturally go for.
  • Am I getting things out of proportion?
  • Am I underestimating my ability to cope?
  • Am I mind-reading what others might be thinking?
  • Am I doing black-and-white thinking?  People aren’t perfect.  That’s ok.
  • What advice would I give someone else in this situation?
  • Am I putting  pressure on myself and setting up impossible expectations?  What would be more realistic?
  • Feeling bad doesn’t mean that I’m bad or my life is.
  • What do I want or need from this person or situation?  What do they want or need from me?  Is there a compromise?
  • What will happen if I respond the way I normally do?
  • Is there another way of dealing with this?  What would be the best  action to take?  (for me, for the situation, for the other person)
  • How would someone else see this situation?
  • What would Gillian McKeith do? Do the opposite.

4 thoughts on “Meltdown Aversion

  1. Hmm I wish I had this check list on Monday. It might have made my evening – and my housemates – turn out completely differently!

    I would add another to the list for me which is eat something. I am much more likely to lose the plot when I am really hungry. Then part of the meltdown goes into a head spin about what I can justify eating. Aaargghhh!

    Anyway, maybe I will print this out and carry it with me. Thanks.

  2. Good suggestion. Some of my biggest meltdowns could probably have been averted by a banana or some Percy Pigs…

  3. Ha ha the first and the last points in section 4 made me chuckle! I’d second Jojo’s thoughts, and throw in tiredness too – I often catch myself over-reacting to things when I’m extra tired – the situation may not change while I sleep, but rest gives me a much better perspective on things!

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