Reasons to be Thankful

I’m thankful that

there are so many books in the world and they let me have a peek into other cultures and lives and get into the heads of people who don’t think like me and people who do.  That the Bible was translated into English.

the seasons are changing.  The way the view keeps changing even though it stays the same

for my family and my friends.  For my husband. For relationships and being allowed to get to know other people and to share with them the things that matter and to trust and be trusted.

the smell of coffee.  The taste of raspberries.  The feel of a baby’s head.

my computer and my blog and the ways I can talk and listen to other people.

for my eyelids and my kneecaps.

that I grew up in Belfast.  For the Giant’s Causeway. For my granny.

living in a peaceful country

plastic cheese.  wearing hula-hoop crisps on my fingers. Twister.

antidepressants.  Staples. Hot, clean water.

and most of all, for Jesus.  That He’s in control, not me.  That He loves me, unconditionally. That one day I’ll see Him face-to-face. That He is with me, no-matter what. That the gospel is true and it’s a Person and He is beautiful.

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