Winter Goodies

1. when you step in a cowpat/dog poo, it’s frozen so you get off scot (or rather, skid) free

2. being less sweaty – both you and other people (especially on public transport)

3. wellie boots

4. the sensation of a sneeze

5. kissing the razor goodbye (listen folks, that extra hairy dermis is about survival. Not laziness)

6. Layers. Being licensed to look like michelin woman.  Not being able to put your arms by your sides .  Knowing that if a truck hits you, it’s coming off worse.

7. Christmas.  By which I mean Christ -mas.  Because even if you hate your family or carols or minced pies or the whole kit and kaboodle, Jesus is born and that’s the best news in the world.  He is also recession/charades/eggnog proof.

8. watching other people in the rain when you’re not.

9. pyjama days.  In fact, pyjama months.

10.  winter words.  Flakes, flurries, hoarfrosts, avalanches and tintinnabulations..

4 thoughts on “Winter Goodies

  1. “watching other people in the rain when you’re not” is my favourite! Another thing I can only enjoy in the winter is watching the snow fall, while drinking tea and reading, snuggled up in a warm blanket. Days like this are rare, but when they happen, it is pure bliss.

  2. Come on – hands up who else had to look up tintinnabulations?!

    Lots of love to you, Emma! Look forward to seeing you next time we’re down from The Big Smoke!

  3. Hi Nick – yes, I’d love that. Though I’m disappointed you don’t use tintabu – tinat, wait..tinterbuitiions, as a matter of course..

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