Help Wanted

I can’t be dealing with New Year.     She’s grey and self-contained and independent and self-controlled. She makes tutting noises and feels threatened by excess or disruption to routine. She’s hard working, guilty and Not Good Enough.    She does resolutions and improvements.  She even JOGS.

This year, I will NOT Be:

Losing Weight

Getting Fit

Baking my own Bread

Reading improving literature

Making myself finish books I don’t like

Trying Harder to be Better

I will, I hope, be blogging.  But even here, I don’t know what to write about. Can you help?

Are there any issues or themes you’d like to read more about this year?  All suggestions gratefully received…

5 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. I agree about NEW YEAR. I stopped doing resolutions a few years ago when I noticed it was serving as a sort of curse. Whatever I resolved I would do, I was sure not to. My lists were getting so pathetic I was afraid some Dec 31 would find me clutching a slip of paper that read “breathe in, breathe out”. Nowadays on new years eve our family burns a small cardboard box full of “regrets” in a bonfire. Things we are sorry for or wish we could undo. A similar idea to resolutions, but more repentance centered and more refreshing like confession. I certainly hope you’ll be blogging in the new year. One thing I am wanting to read about is change worthy of an image bearer. I’m reading some of Larry Crabb’s books right now and this idea of “change” is rolling around in my head. I don’t mean just behavioral stuff ,(been there). I mean people in need of change, helping people in need of change (like your blog as a whole) Ideas about communities of believers changing together (sort of like the church) I’m not being sarcastic, I really am in search of something here and I don’t even know what it looks like. Any thoughts?


  2. Hi Caroline

    I love the idea of the regrets bonfire. I’ve written and burnt letters in the past, but a proper bonfire sounds much more satisfying.

    Larry Crabb’s stuff on communities and change is some of the best I’ve read. Bonhoeffer – ‘Living Together’ is also brilliant. What are your thoughts?

  3. I’ve just recently come across your blog and enjoying it. Perhaps you can revisit some of the themes/republish posts, as people like me won’t have read them the first time??
    Otherwise, seasonal things always work (festivals etc) throughout the year.

    Things interesting me at the moment – feminism and Children’s toys – are gender stereotypes reinforced or created by the ‘gender apatheid’ of kids toys? Is it worse for the girls or the boys? Is it worse now than when we were children?

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