On The Edge

If I ever meet Cliff Richard, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.  I’m sure he’s a lovely, lovely man.  But one more ‘Children singing Christian rhyme’.  Just one – and I MAY CRACK.


I gave Christmas shopping a go – honestly.   I’ve been in M+S for almost twenty minutes (15 of which were spent queuing for the free whisky sample).

But it’s over now.  Breathe Emma, breathe.

Glen’s getting  a chocolate orange and a new sponge.  And a ‘surprise’ (after all,  nothing says ‘I love you’ like dental floss).

But it’s all okay.  Because the best pressies don’t come from Santa.  Here’s a short-list of mine;

  • a stone on which a friend of mine stencilled the word ‘hope’
  • our cats wrestling on the window sill (and then falling off)
  • a hug from my mum
  • my granny’s engagement ring
  • bubble-wrap
  • the smell of oranges.
  • Sunday newspapers
  • looking around church and seeing so many beautiful people
  • finishing a crossword
  • a rug knitted for me by hand and prayed over
  • seeing friends grow in love for Jesus.
  • plastic cheese
  • the first page of a new notebook

..what have I missed?

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