Tell Me Again

‘For to us a child is born

and to us a son is given

and the government will be on his shoulders’. (Isaiah 9:6).

What does Christmas mean to you?

I’m a Christian.  Been one now, for many years.  I know the right answer to this question.  But, confronted by the melee of Christmas, I’m finding myself caught up and carried along – in the wrong direction.

There’s so much to do.  Groceries and presents to buy – but also deadlines to meet and bills to pay.

It’s like buying Delia’s ready-mix Christmas cake.  If I can just collect together all the right ingredients in all the right quantities, then I’ll get  TV perfection.

Have I bought enough?  Or far too much? It looks so small – but it’s still more than we can afford.

Will they like it?  Will they like me?

Get it ‘right’.

Make it ‘perfect’.

Is this Christmas? A glittering, frenzied performance.

My gifts, my sacrifice, my governance on my shoulders? Is this my hope?

If this is it, I want no part of it.  It’s glossy, but it’s cold. And it’s just me, opening my presents.

So I go back to Isaiah.

To the child, born for us.

To the son, given to us.

To the government that is upon his shoulders.

I can’t share if I’m on my own.

I can’t receive, if my hands are already full.

I can’t let him carry me, if I won’t put down my load.

It’s counter-intuitive.  But it’s real hope.

A free gift, not a scam.

A changed life, not just a season.

A child, who carries the world on His shoulders.

That’s Christmas Emma. That’s Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Tell Me Again

  1. Thanks for this timely reminder, Emma, especially with us moving aswell. It makes you feel that you’re not quite sure which thing to prioritise, so it’s good to remember it’s Him I need to keep in focus.

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