Baby Steps

I was reading an interview yesterday with Susan Boyle, (the singer who won X Factor and was catapulted from ordinary life to worldwide celebrity).  Understandably, Boyle struggled to cope with this transition and her mental health was gleefully discussed and dissected in the media. But more than the time she spent in therapy, I was struck by a phrase she’d learned from her mum: and one that I learned from mine too. ‘Baby steps’.

‘Baby steps’ means a number of things.  Firstly,  take it a little bit at a time. ‘It’ can be anything, from bereavement to panic attacks – but the point is this: what seems overwhelming in one swallow, can sometimes be digested in little chunks.  Conversely, if I try to take giant steps and do too much, I’ll often become overwhelmed and give up completely.  This isn’t rocket science, but it’s worth remembering, especially when even getting out of a bed is a struggle.

In the times when I’ve been depressed, (as opposed to just a bit sad), I’ve got through by poddling from minute to minute. Those minutes add up into hours and days and eventually, you get through them.  But when I try to do too much, it sends me into a spiral of self-pity and self-contempt. One thing to note however: baby steps are not the same as no steps.  It’s possible to exempt yourself from life and the challenges that are a part of recovery: to settle too quickly into a mindset of despair. Instead, I’ve found that little things – like sticking as much as possible to a normal routine or setting myself Very Small goals, can be a big help.  I never want to do them, but even if I’m frustrated, I’m feeling something instead of just giving up.

When a baby takes its first steps, everyone celebrates.  They don’t ask why he’s not jogging round the park.  In the same way, instead of beating ourselves up for what we can’t do, perhaps we can celebrate the things we can: no matter how insignificant these appear.

6 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. You reminded me of the verse in the bible that says, “His mercies are new everyday.” We journey through this life day by day. Baby step to baby step. The progress does add up!

  2. Emma, love this post, its practicality and encouragement. Would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog with a link back to yours, of course? It would introduce your blog to a slightly different audience?

    Perhaps this post, expanded or freshened, as you like, or any of your favourite posts, freshened as necessary? 300–800 words?

    Do let me know if you might like to do one on Feb 5th or Feb 12th?

    Thanks much,

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