Who’s To Blame?

More than half of the UK population are dissatisfied with their bodies, according to a parliamentary report to be published on Wednesday.

The 80-page report was drawn up by MPs and Central YMCA, after a three-month public inquiry. It blames a combination of the media, advertising and celebrity culture for promoting a “body ideal” which is  physically impossible for nearly 95% of the population.

So how should the church respond? The Evangelical Alliance  asked this question in an article published today.

Here’s my thoughts:

 “Body issues are spiritual as well as physical, and they tap into much deeper drives than a simple desire to copy the celebs. Long before the advent of plastic surgery, Paul had to address diet obsessions in Colosse, Galatia and Ephesus. This report highlights some of the issues in our poor body image and its recommendations are a useful start. But until we tackle the problem as a gospel matter, we’re in danger of being just as “skin deep” as the media we blame.”

What do you think?



3 thoughts on “Who’s To Blame?

  1. Two things come to mind, from a 6’6″ bald, big nosed Scotsman with a significant lump on the side of his skull:
    The doctrine of creation – God made me this way, deliberately.
    The doctrine of adoption – God loves me not because of how I look but because of Christ
    The doctrine of contentment – based on the two above

    That’s three, but then I can’t count, but I’ll not beat myself up over it.

    Seriously, when a plastic surgeon entered his field after doing an elective in Nepal where repairing peoples’ sight seemed a worthwhile thing to do drops out we need to wonder why. In the UK, he found his work split 10% reconstructive and 90% in response to vanity. The doctrines above need rediscovering.

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