Things That Make Me Angry

being told I’m angry

when I want to change but can’t

romantic comedies


friends weeping over their ugliness, when all I can see is beauty

salt and vinegar crisps in green packets (green is cheese and onion.  Blue is salt and vinegar.  Why are you messing with us?)

being spammed with aids for weight loss

sultanas in curries. (fruit – good.  Curry – good.  Fruit + curry: WRONG)

not knowing how I feel and/or knowing how I feel but not being able to express it

coffee shops charging £2-50 for a t-bag

watching others making the same mistakes as me.  Wanting more than anything to stop them – but not being able to.

being pushed beyond my comfort zones

eating disorders

people I love being criticised or hurt

women’s magazines. The fact that I read them.

Christmas trees in August

being compared to my sister

Christian events that offer  Bible teaching for the guys and  ‘colour me beautiful’ sessions for the ladies

wanting to help and not knowing how

bad ‘oirish’ accents.  Seriously – my ears are Bleeding

The artist known as ‘’.  YOUR NAME IS WILLIAM.

throwing out mouldy food

living small because I’m afraid

self-service check-outs

the term ‘chick lit’.

not being able to get out of my own stupid head

being lied to

being caught out in a lie

completing a jigsaw only to find that the last piece is missing

when supermarkets move the stuff around




… How about you?




17 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Angry

  1. Fruit in savoury dishes is wrong… although I once had a slightly comical experience where a beloved former flatmate made chicken biryani containing a can of fruit cocktail. The fact only came to light when I found one of those luminous pink cherries in it…

  2. “YOUR NAME IS WILLIAM.” Hilarious! :D
    “not knowing how I feel and/or knowing how I feel but not being able to express it” Right there. I’m with you. :)

  3. Emma, we’ve never met in person, but reading this I was forced to ask if we are in fact related – it was quite uncanny!! Thank you for your blog and your book :)

  4. Well seeing as you asked, and given a love of lists (once I wrote a list of my all time 31 songs and why I loved them which presumably is still lurking on the internet somewhere:)

    Being told it’s my hormones
    Anyone hurting anyone I love
    People who say stupid things like, cheer up there are people in much worse situations than you…
    The lie of “you complete me”
    the word hubby (makes him sound like a wet fish)
    Rants against men as if they are all stupid
    Black and white arguing without a sense of nuance
    Anyone who has ever made anyone believe that God’s love is conditional
    Bad clapping in church (seriously if you can’t clap on time DON’T CLAP)
    Weak watery hot chocolate
    Being judged
    The assumption that strong, fast, beautiful, outgoing, intelligent and funny is best
    People thinking God thinks that too
    Large amounts of washing up everywhere

    I think that should be all for now!
    Go lists. :)

  5. Empty packets in cupboards
    dirty dish water left in sink
    people throwing rubbish on floor when in sight of a bin
    people throwing rubbish on floor full stop actually
    people listening to put downs and believing them
    warm lager when there is a fridge around
    steering conversations away from the important stuff because I am afraid I may get emotional
    the inability to allow emotion to surface *of the sad, hurting, upset kind*

    btw – your list made me nod and agree – and even smile in places – but no smiles when reading ‘living small because I am afraid’ – wow – that one hit me hard.

    As always, thought provoking stuff. Thanks

  6. Cassie and Leticia: let’s start a campaign! Keep The Name You’re Born With (even if you’re on the telly)

  7. Beckie, I’m pretending I haven’t read this. Canned cherry in curry. Just..beyond wrong. What sort of people do you eat with???

  8. ‘Steering away from the important stuff because I’m afraid I might get emotional’ – yes, yes and yes. Thanks Jo

  9. Egoism

    Arrogance, pride

    Wealth and success without mature attitude


    Things I don’t find fair

    Seeing passivity towards God

    Lukewarm churches

    and so on ….

  10. Usually I read your blog and nod along in agreement, but this time I found myself disagreeing.
    I LOVE sultanas in curries – I love them so much, sometimes I put them in other food too! Fruit + savoury meals = delicious! Stew with apricot, sausage & apple bake, moroccan chicken and sultanas, curry – Mmmm!
    There were also quite a lot of things on the list I agree with though… :D

  11. Salt and vinegar crisps in green packets. Someone should raise this in the House of Commons. Seriously. It’s morally wrong … and almost every other kind of wrong, too (the crisp issue, not the House of Commons – maybe).

  12. How about coke (well, cola!) in blue cans then, if salt & vinegar crisps in green packets make you angry? For me – salt and vinegar crisps can come in any colour they like – they don’t sell them where I live!

  13. Ok Louise, I think you win…not being able to get salt n vinegar is even worse than misleading packaging

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