Use Words, Not Your Body

It’s hard to be honest with yourself and it’s hard to be honest with others. But the way I see it, we don’t have a choice.

You can’t do this alone: it’s crushing you and every day you sink a little deeper.

Fighting it feels bad.  But you are not your struggles. And you know what – if you don’t fight back, you still feel bad, just in a different way.

There’s no middle ground – and no-one drifts into recovery. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s tough but it’s possible – and that’s why you and I need support.

This doesn’t have to be your life.

The truth is :


You are precious and you matter.

You can tell us what is really going on.

We care about you

We believe what you say.

We will listen.

We will help you find a way out.


Help is there – but to get it, you have to ask.






6 thoughts on “Use Words, Not Your Body

  1. In my experience people only listen for so long. After a while of saying the same things they give up listening and supporting. And if they think you’re ‘better’ then they don’t wanna hear it if you start crashing, cos you can do it!!

  2. Blackrose – yes, I think we find long-term sickness very hard to handle, let alone if it’s about something messy like mental health. I guess we find it hard to stand alongside those who are struggling without trying to offer solutions..and if the fix doesn’t happen it can make us feel useless or reflect negatively on our faith. Plus, with some addictive behaviours there’s an interplay between sickness and choice – and it’s hard to distinguish between the two.
    It can take a while to find people who will stand with us – and it might mean being let down and hurt. But I think those people are there – and if we keep asking, we’ll find them and the help we need.

  3. It is a general opinion that my behaviour is through choice rather than the addictive side that comes with harm.
    On the plus side a year ago I was slightly suicidal. This year I just have a fixation with kitchen knives. I will make it to a year clean though…. 18 days to go

  4. Please forgive me for the following:


    That is all

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