Resolved… to Give Up Resolving


– if something’s important, it’s worth doing it all the time

– January is tough enough without the added challenge of getting fit/thin/beautiful/organised/pregnant/married

– some things we can’t control. Trying makes it worse.

– everything in me wants to self-improve and do it alone.  Weight Watchers and Total Fitness and New Woman and the Debenham’s Sale all tell me I can.  Eating disorders say the same thing (and January is Their favourite month). But nothing is ever enough.

– Grace is a much bigger motivator than guilt.  And it doesn’t make you want to harm yourself when you get it wrong.

Most of all…

– It’s Jesus who makes me new.  Not my choices and  self-will. My resolutions are far too small.  And they’re two thousand years too late.


5 thoughts on “Resolved… to Give Up Resolving

  1. “My resolutions are far too small. And they’re two thousand years too late. “I really LIKE that !!!”
    Happy New Year !!!

  2. I met up with someone yesterday due to having a crisis moment. He told me to set realistic goals which can be achieved in a year and not ones that will take longer or that are unrealistic. I mentioned going back to Church again – he agreed but said to have that as the goal and not go expecting everything to be fixed overnight, because things take time. And with my biggest frustration – I can either find a realistic goal for it or work on not letting it annoy me and be an issue. I have a lot of brick walls built up around me – maybe by the end of this year I can break one down or lower a few

  3. Love the magazine cover! They always scream the same things don’t they?
    Personally, I gave up written resolutions a while back, but the January Restart Frenzy is in the air, and requires constant diligence in resisting, (lest the efforts beat me to a pulp and leave be by the roadside).
    I love how James 4:13-17 speaks to this desire in us : “Come now you who say ‘…tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year and trade and get gain’…instead you ought to say ‘If the Lord wills it’… as it is, you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil…”
    Most of the resolutions I’ve ever made were really for my own glory. Even the “good” ones were made so I could be admired or feel good about myself.
    A sacred January is for pagans anyway. I’m not overly concerned about the return of the sun god, and I’ve seen what the goddess “me” can come up with. Thank God HIS mercies are new every morning.

  4. Thanks for the reminder that ED’s fave month is January – I always forget, and wonder why this month is so much harder than all the others.
    And thanks for the reminder about Jesus too, you’re very good at doing that!

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