Step Aside Sir Alan

siralanSo, what do you do?

It’s the question I hate most.  One sentence to justify my entire existence.

Inevitably, my brain throws up a blank.

‘Er- dunno’.

‘Nothing.  I’ve done nothing’.

From the hours of 8 till 8, I must have done something.  Quick, THINK.

Groceries, banking, faffing on computer, cleaning, phone-calls.

Nothing that will alter the course of world history.   But not ‘nothing’ either.

Just because you don’t have a  job title, doesn’t mean you don’t work.






Household manager




Hair/make-up stylist

Interior designer

Cheerleader/life consultant




Social director


Dress consultant


Dog walker

Diary consultant



Finance manager


Personal shopper



Sounds like something to me.

8 thoughts on “Step Aside Sir Alan

  1. Encourager is a good one – it’s great when you do or say something that really helps. The other one I really enjoy is when you are a ‘connector’ (you ‘connect’ one person with another, or someone with something – a group, a book, a means of some sort – that you know is going to help). Finally, there’s just being – sometimes, a friendly smile, a couple of minutes listening… it can all help. I wish that Christians were a little more affectionate. Whenever I meet my non-christian friends, we always hug – I guess people at church still think that’s a little ott.

  2. My favourite is the ‘side-on’ church hug, when you kind of pat the air..:-) or maybe it’s just me

    Yes, encourager is a great one. Prayer warrior too..

  3. Or the Christian hearty handshake..

    Actually, that’s really encouraged me today. I love the small boy very much, but I do sometimes find myself – I don’t know, almost de-valuing that role. Somehow, working seemed like a “real” job, you know?

  4. Good list Emma! Also: “I’m a student of human nature” or “Right now I’m working as a volunteer life-coach” or “I’m in charge of bio-hazards for a very small non-profit.” I really like to tell people I’m an ex-jewel thief and a liar, then I don’t have to explain that I’m also a bit off!
    Actually, I rarely have this problem any more as I nearly always have a child or two (or three) in tow and people are more likely to exclaim “O.M.G.! You really have your hands full!” Which is true, but it always sounds so terrible coming from someone else.

  5. You are a massive encourager, a prophetess, a preacher and teacher, an intercessor, a leader, we are your congregation, and I am so blessed every time you post something. Xx

    PS I’m a Christian and I totally do hugs!! When I was a fresher, my hall CU group gave me the role of the welcome committee!!!

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