Help Wanted

beatlesThis summer I’m doing a number of seminars on mental health, (eating disorders, self-harm, depression, OCD, anxiety).  I’m also thinking about maybe doing some more writing.  As part of my research, I’m interested in hearing from others who currently struggle/have done  in these areas, (especially Christians).  It would mean filling out a questionnaire (of about 20 questions) – but any info I use would be anonymous.

Some kind folks have already done this, but if you haven’t and would like to, would you send me an email via the contact page? I’ll need an email address to send you the questions, but you don’t have to give any other details.





5 thoughts on “Help Wanted

    Oh Sorry, I got distracted by the pic.
    How about abuse, addictions, and codependency?
    Is this a good time or would that be Overkill.

  2. Would be happy to fill in your questionaire. I was at your seminar at spring harvest yesterday and have made an appointment for tomorrow to go to my doctors for help… I needed to hear what you said yesterday… Thankyou xxx

  3. Broken reflection – I’m praying for you right now and will be tomorrow and in the days ahead. This is the way to real life and He goes ahead of us. xx

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