Jesus Ruined My Life

jcbChristianity is not a crutch: it’s a cross.

I believe this – but everything in me fights against it.

When I first became a Christian, I anticipated inner peace, the gift of niceness and (if possible) a smokin’ hot boyfriend. Didn’t happen.

Instead, Jesus lifted up the carpet, tore off the curtains and overturned me.  He took my life as it was, and He ruined it.

I should have seen it coming.

In the bible, Jesus is “the Stone” (Isaiah 8:14-15). And He says this: “Everyone who falls on that Stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed.” (Luke 20:18). When we meet Jesus, we either fall on Him and are shattered – or we stay where we are and get crushed.

My life is built around safety and self-protection and sin and self.  ‘Jesus’ I say, ‘you can tidy up the edges: but don’t move the furniture. I don’t want any mess’.

Jesus doesn’t give me this option.  Instead, He shows up on my doorstep with a JCB . ‘I love you’ he says ‘and I promise to ruin your life’.

‘If you follow me, you’re gonna die.  But here’s my offer: Die in me and live.”

No-one wants to be shattered. But falling on a broken Saviour, means being broken ourselves.




6 thoughts on “Jesus Ruined My Life

  1. Luke 20:18 never made sense to me until now, Thank you! this is beautiful and will surely ruin my life too! x

  2. Jesus totally ruins lives…my life was so much easier when I wasn’t a Christian! No going back though – I choose death in Him, every time (most times. Sometimes. Once in a blue moon…)

  3. I love this. Actually I hate it, but it’s true. And it’s the only way that being crushed is safe. It makes no sense, but it works. And I can entrust Jesus with all those broken pieces of me because he is kind and strong, and knows brokenness more than I do.
    Thanks for the encouragement Emma!

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