Snow White and Her Rusty Womb


Well, it may be snowing in the UK, but we’ve got one thing over Singapore. Their advertising.

1 out of 3 women over 35 will have problems conceiving, 2 out of 3 women over the age of 40 will not be able to conceive at all.  These facts are worth knowing if you want a family but leave it late – and education is obviously important.There’s nothing wrong with encouraging people to have babies early. But if you or your partner are struggling with fertility issues, the government’s latest campaign might just RIP  OUT YOUR BEATING HEART   touch a nerve.

That said, there are ways of raising awareness and I’m not sure this is it. There are all sorts of reasons why couples can’t conceive: many of which have nothing to do with choice.  If you fall into this camp, you need support – not a fairy-tale goose lamenting her ‘old, rusty egg-making device’.


7 thoughts on “Snow White and Her Rusty Womb

  1. I’m feeling rather unchristian toward the author of that campaign. PLEASE can I do some slapping with a wet fish?

  2. not very subtle, especially for those who are struggling for whatever reason but I do think lots of women (and men) are completely unaware of those statistics

  3. Hi Emma,

    Often-time reader but first-time (I think) commentor.

    My wife’s from Singapore and it’s probably worth understanding a little of the context to get an even better understanding of this campaign.

    There’s a massive push in Singapore to up the birth rate which has basically collapsed over the past decade. Women are increasingly working full-time and not having kids, until they get to their 30s and begin to think about it by which time (as you observe) it can be too late.

    So the Singapore government (and others) have tried various things. A more light-hearted approach was taken at the last National Day with this song:

    So that’s the background. This is part of a bigger movement.

    The other thing for us to try and understand is that it’s a very different culture so what appears offensive to our Western mindset might not go down the same way there. That doesn’t mean it’s acceptable, but cultural differences can be massive and what you rightly recognise is verging on unacceptable in our culture doesn’t have the same effect elsewhere.

    in other news, we’ve just come back from a lovely evening with your Australian friends here in Sheffield. They spoke highly of Glenn’s time with them a few weeks back.

  4. Lizzi and Val, I hear you both. Crimes against scansion, if nothing else.

    Di – good point. In fact, Glen and I have been educated by the small print- which is exactly what it aims to do. Hmmm.

    David – you’re right, context makes a big difference. Thanks for this. And the song..! Reminds me of this one:

  5. Emma
    My heart goes out to you. So easy to get lost in numerical “facts.”
    Statistics, by nature, have nothing to do with the individual, only the corporate. They help us evaluate the risks we are willing to take. In other words: a very worldly system of naming our desires.

    Besides, you are not wanting to lay an egg, golden or otherwise, so rusty parts are not really a concern for you or Glen.

    I had my first baby at age 22 but the very busy Midwifery I go to SPECIALIZES in first time moms over 40 years old. It happens. My own mother had 3 pregnancies after 35 years old. I was born when she was 43 years old. Conception may be less likely, but not impossible.

    In the last five decades or so there has been a lot of pro-abortion propaganda all over the world that says: it’s all the same, babies are choices, so put it off till you feeeeel you are completely “ready”. As a result birth rates are astonishingly low in many countries. Well below replacement rate.

    If you knew of a younger couple that was purposely avoiding pregnancy based on a view that all you have to do is place your order when it feels right, I’ll bet you would find a way to say something different.

    You just have more class than to use fowl illustrations:)

    Love you both and I am praying you will know His peace.

  6. These things are very painful too if you are single, would love to be a mother, and seem to have no prospect of a husband. Completely agree that it feels as if your heart is being torn out. All that keeps me going is remembering that God is sovereign, not statistics, but it is a daily battle…

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