Tamarraw, tamarraw..

oldFeeling somewhat ambivalent about the weekend.

We have an appointment tomorrow with the fertility clinic.  When you hit 35 your chances of conceiving take a hit (and tomorrow is also my 35th birthday).

I have decided to tackle this by writing a list of 35 things that are BRILLIANT about being 35.

So far:

1. I have not been cut down in my prime. (But that reminds me that My Prime is Past.  And I didn’t know it was happening! I feel cheated).

2. Permission to cut up queues Because I’m Old.

3. The alternative is death.

4.I can eat peanut butter with my fingers and no-one can stop me.


That’s it.

Help me.





18 thoughts on “Tamarraw, tamarraw..

  1. – You are much wiser than you were 15 years ago

    – You know more people.

    – It’s okay to eat crisps for breakfast

    – You can go to bed at 7am or 7pm and only you can tell which is the best for you

  2. 5. Ages that end with a 0 or 5 just seem so much more important!

    6. You can text without using a metric tonne of abbreviations.

    7. You can legally run for president of the USA. Move over Obama!

  3. You are not yet 40?! That’s what I’m hitting later this year… yikes. It’s strange – especially when you start being too old to contribute to certain things!

  4. My husband always goes into meltdown on his birthday – usually he compares his life achievements with David Beckham (they’re the same age) but when he was 33 it was Jesus – you’re never going to come out of that one well!
    Praying for tomorrow x

  5. You don’t have to go through the angst of being a teenager.
    You haven’t got as many wrinkles as you will have when you’re my age (46).
    Most people (children excepted) think 35 is still young.

    Hope tomorrow is helpful :)

  6. ah.will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow, i know what those appointments are like.xx

  7. Personal to you:

    >You’ve had a little more than a third of a century (don’t despair yet!) of life experience and….
    >…have helped hundreds of people.
    >You have Jesus.
    >You’re gorgeous.

  8. – you’re not 13
    – you’re not 16
    – you’re not 20
    – you’re not 24
    …and you probably wouldn’t want to be (m)any of those again.

    – you’re not 40
    – you’re not 47
    – you’re not 54
    …and you probably don’t want to be any of those yet…

    Happy Birthday!

  9. 1. You can be thankful that you don’t have my youth group who, since since coming to my 30th birthday party, have now decided that when they need to pick on an age that sounds really old, that 30 is the number to go for. Man, I love those kids.

    Kudos on dropping in the “ambivalent”, so:
    2. You know how to use the word ambivalent.

  10. You are still sucking in air on this planet, at this time in history. God still has plans for you, for your life and your gifts. And the bible tells us – is it 365 times? – not to be afraid, so hold on to your ‘don’t be afraid’ for the day you’re in, keep hold of our Dad’s hand, and take a small step forward….

  11. Emma you’re not peaking over the hill at 50 like me,
    you have a shed load of life experience to pass on,
    you are still young enough to feel that you have time to pass it all on.
    You know the promises made by God for you.
    Be brave, be strong trust in Him.
    Praying for you especially tomorrow

  12. You can use your age to add credibility to everything you say!
    After I turned 30, whenever I wanted to share my opinion I began like this: “Now that I’m in my 30’s, I really believe…”
    When I turned 35 I began to say “Now that I’m nearing 40…”
    I turned 36 in November so I now say “just under 40”
    If you can say it in a condescending tone,all the better.
    Don’t say it to a bunch of old people though, they’ll just roll their eyes!

    On a more serious note: We must never forget that life is a gift from God. 35 is a great age to say “I’m half way there Lord, what else do you want do with me? “

  13. I TOTALLY freaked out about turning 35 a few weeks ago. Something about 35 that seems so much older than 34. I’m definitely not in the “early thirties” any more. What about children? What about wrinkles? Agggghhhhh!

    But then I remembered that I was born on exactly the day God had intended me to be born, and so he had intended that to be 35 years ago. Not a year more, not a year less. And actually I’m not “a whole year older”. I’m a day older than I was yesterday. And if God intends for me to have children, (and/or wrinkles) they’ll be there. If not, he knows what he’s doing (and I hope I keep believing that).

    In the light of forever, 35 is nothing. And besides, although I may have entered a new box in the “age” category in surveys and questionnaires – it’ll be aaaaaaaaes before that has to happen again. That’s something those sprightly 33 year olds out there can’t say!

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