Monday Monday

light2My fears are too strong

..But His arms are stronger.

My needs are too much

..But His supply is unending.

My heart is too cold

..But His love is an unquenchable fire.

My faith is too small

..But His grace is greater.

My trust is faltering

..But His grip is secure.

My heart is ugly

..But His beauty is blinding.

My head is weary

..But He lifts me up.


Whatever is coming, He goes before us and He is with us.

5 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. And, He is IN US already. The gift OF God is eternal life. I find it helpful to remember that we are stewards of His love and are commanded to go out and live a live of love, sharing the gospel by embracing life, rather than cowering away from it. When I recall that I’m blessed and privileged to have God in me now, and to look after this Awe and Love then I am more ready to care for Him, and therefore know greater joy for us both. It’s tough remembering that but unless I have a bigger purpose, the temptation to starve myself of life and fullness is all too loud and demanding. It is our heavy privilege to nourish and nurture life. Hope this makes sense to everyone struggling to push and go that extra mile when it seems undeserved, greedy, frightening. God sets the standard and He is says we are ‘accepted in the Beloved’.

  2. Love your posts, I see them pop into my inbox with excitement. Today was the first day back at work after Harnhill. So much optimism and positivity burst back down to the reality of imperfect people, but at least its’ team God and me, not just me against the world. Thanks for your post.

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