Mr Mystery

mysteryThe Vader debate continues to set the free world alight.  Ladies, don’t deny it.  You totally Would*.

But it does raise the question of why bad guys (and gals) are so attractive. Not properly bad of course.  Bad as in wears too much black, bit snippy, doesn’t tell you how much he misses his mum’s cooking or chuckle delightedly when he farts.

One theory is the element of mystery. But I don’t buy it. Mysterious is not nasty – mysterious is NICE.  I get why you’re grumpy in the mornings, drink too much coffee and  listen to loud music. What I don’t get is when you turn the other cheek. When you love in the face of anger and don’t retaliate.  When you’re good – that’s when I wonder, ‘what’s your motivation?’ That’s when I’m intrigued.


* Stick the lips on him.  If you weren’t married. And he was a regular at the prayer gathering.

2 thoughts on “Mr Mystery

  1. I’m not quite sure where this is headed, but i’m going to climb aboard anyway, because I’m a pirate.

    Why do I like bad guys? I only know bad guys! Really bad. Sinful. Selfish, Dishonest. Even when they are doing good, their motives often suck. Can’t live with ’em, can’t kill ’em…

    Even in movies or books this reality is there, if only assumed. People are bad. People are redeemable.

    Only one really really good guy, and he does the redeeming.

    Even Darth Vader himself is not a lost cause. I know this because he reads the new testament on a set of cd’s in my bedroom. :-)

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