‘Meet The Scriveners’

coupleDaunted by tomorrow.

We’ve got a hospital appointment, followed by a seminar, unofficially billed as ‘Meet the Scriveners’.

Thankfully, the official title is ‘Finding identity in Jesus’. So..

I’m thinking we’ll just lie.  Glen can share cosy anecdotes from our perfect marriage, with me nodding adoringly at key points.  ‘Hey honey – tell them about that thing you do: with the potato chips (Fake punch on arm)  – it’s just the cutest…’  Or maybe ‘Here’s how we keep Bible reading and prayer top of our agenda’.

This would be fine if, A. we did keep bible reading and prayer at the top of our agenda and, B. we were entirely different people.

So – identity in Jesus. What would you say? I’m tempted by: Here’s who we are as Christians.  Now go and do it! ..  Just like us!

But that would be BAD.

Bad because we’re no kind of example.

Bad because  telling someone to just ‘love Jesus more’ doesn’t work – any more than saying ‘just be nicer’.  (I’ve tried).

Bad because  – well,  I got nothing. No wisdom.  No practical tips or helpful verses. Nothing – except a relationship.  With a Saviour who  can’t be codified.  I’m not sure He can be explained.  But He can be offered. And He does it all.



6 thoughts on “‘Meet The Scriveners’

  1. So there’s the objective, unchanging, already accomplished, ready to be revealed at the last day ‘identity in Jesus’ and there’s the living in the ‘not yet’ painful, crucifying, raging, peaceful, joyous, fearful, faithful, exciting, banal, wearisome, exhausting, exhilirating conundrum that being ‘alive in Jesus but not yet complete’ life that we have now.
    There is Him and all He’s done. And there’s us and the mess we bring to the partnership. Good thing He’s God and can do more than deal with it. Total rescue is what’s on offer.

  2. I will be in the audience of your seminar and am praying for His words through your wonderfully open and honest interactions

  3. Thanks folks

    Caroline I’m happy sharing most things, but the potato chip story is a bridge too far…

  4. “Nothing – except a relationship. With a Saviour who can’t be codified. I’m not sure He can be explained. But He can be offered. And He does it all.” ….and simply we saw and heard Christ IN you both .. Thank you and bless you

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