You’re Dumped

mondays2Dear Monday

Thanks for agreeing to meet with me today.  I tried to sleep through you, but you were having none of it.

I’ll keep it brief. I know we haven’t hit it off in the past.  I’ve said things I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry.  But speaking frankly, you’re not a lot of fun to be with.  I think we need some time apart.  More than a week.  Just for once, I’d like to enjoy Sunday without you breathing down my neck.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I understand that you’ve always been overshadowed by Friday. She’s a good-looking girl and popular with it. But you could be too. Maybe if you made a bit more effort with your appearance? You could even be attractive if you’d just stop raining. But you can’t keep dumping on Tuesday and threatening Sunday. They need a break. We all do.

Best Wishes


5 thoughts on “You’re Dumped

  1. p.s. Every so often you do make an effort with the whole ‘Bank Holiday’ thing. More of that would be a real step in the right direction. Thanks.

  2. So well said Emma! It would be so much better if you just hopped on over the channel for a chat some Monday or other!! Hugs from Belgium

  3. Nath: love it! I reckon you could do a beauty of a response for Alison too
    Thanks L and A
    Judy: big friday love from across the ocean…

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