Change Your Hair: Change Your Life

womensmagDear Cosmogue,

For the last few months I’ve read with interest your features on celebrities losing weight, making-over my home and starting my own cupcake business. For the first time, I feel ready to Enjoy My Best Life Now: I’ve spent too long without your revolutionary new nano-serum; but you persisted, even overlooking my non-directional haircut. Thank-you.

Hearing about why Mylene no longer struggles with split ends, I’ve started to reassess my priorities.  All these years I’ve been focused on relationships, but neglecting my roots.  Everything changed with the June issue. Seeing Gywneth enjoying a delicious mungbean smoothie after her gruelling bikini shoot – I’m now inspired to live a life that matters.

Please keep me posted on Jennifer Aniston and all her coffee dates.










3 thoughts on “Change Your Hair: Change Your Life

  1. Emma
    Not only are you insightful, but you also put a smile on my face on a Monday morning.

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