I Want What He’s Got


Yesterday’s existential crisis was provoked by a carrier bag.  Fear not, I’m a warrior and in my usual stoic fashion, am powering through.  But today I have a fresh angle.

To recap: I’ve been sent a lovely, thoughtful pressie from my brother. He (well his fiance), had to pick it, wrap it and post it.  I’ll just underline the point: A Gift. From My Brother.

So – how did I respond? By cracking out the bunting and celebrating his thoughtfulness?  No dear reader, I did not.  I looked at his generosity and made it All About Me. How does he picture me? Is this accurate?  Why choose this particular pattern? Etcetczzzzzzzz….

Which started me thinking about – erm, me  the – peculiar phenomenon that is human self-centeredness.  (These observations may not apply to you, but writing  in second person makes me feel a whole lot better).

Wouldn’t it be amazing

– to enjoy a photo…without searching for your own face first?

– to open Tarquin and Saskia’s perfect family update without aspirin and a sit-down?

– to bite into another woman’s flapjack without secretly comparing it to your granny’s (superior) crumb?

– to enjoy the success of a talented contemporary, without insinuating they have ugly toes/green dandruff?

– to chat with friends without trying to impress or manipulate the other person. To just – listen?  And enjoy?

Can you imagine Jesus tugging on his disciple’s arms after preaching and whispering, ‘Was my explanation clear? The sermon on the mount: bit too long? Tell it to me straight guys: loaves and fishes – not enough seasoning? I Knew It!’ Storming off  ‘I’m a Terrible Messiah’.

It’s ridiculous to think of Jesus in this way.  But as His follower, I’m not just trying to copy Him from a distance.  He’s my Saviour, personal and immediate; the Son of God -in me and with me. Jesus has defeated sin and death. He rose from the dead and is reigning over all creation. Saskia’s cupcakes.  Bad hair photos. Sickness and longing and disappointment and hope. Everything is under Him and for Him: and He shares it with me.

I don’t need better hair or a medal for volleyball. I need Jesus. And I got Him – already.   If heaven likes me, I’m not so dependent on my facebook friends.






3 thoughts on “I Want What He’s Got

  1. Watch it girlie!! You are swimming upstream here. The very medium you are using to expose this was created to foster the self focus and instant shallow comparisons you are trying to snatch away.

    The automatic tally of facebook “friends” and “likes” is but one example. With everyone so busy as a star of their own constantly running mini series, who is left to be a real friend? A real supporter, neighbor, buddy, pal, encourager, companion?

    As everyone is merely looking for new connections to bolster their own “profile”, who indeed has time to be molded into the image of Christ? Jesus, as you pointed out, couldn’t have cared less about his approval rating. His father’s opinion was the only opinion, and this freed him to obey and love, all the way to the cross.

    (I really hope you like this perspective : )

  2. One more thing: My own fabulous kids are in the next room playing an old fashioned board game (the kind where people have to sit in the same room and actually talk to each other) and what am I doing?

    Precious minutes of life are ticking away and I am in the corner, hunched over a glowing device, pondering the meaning of my own name while I’m wait to see if any one responds to a blog entry I just wrote on another site.

    My children are living life, and I am waiting to see if any one likes me! For a moment it feels like relationship, but I am actually alone in my kitchen clicking away at a machine, hoping a stranger will think I’m ok. Is it just me or does any one else see this as creepy?

    Please respond…someone please respond…

  3. Hey Caroline! Just read this and it’s a great point. (LIKE!) Facebook, blogging etc can foster exactly this. That said, I’ve made some incredible and lasting friendships over the web – so both are possible.

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