Everybody Be Cool

relax1Later this year I’m running a seminar for young people on ‘Managing Stress.’ Take out ‘Managing’ and I’m perfectly qualified. Here’s what I got:


When stressed, I make myself a head cave and fill it with hugs.

It looks a bit like this:


except I’m not a man and I’m not wearing some sort of stretchy top that doesn’t have holes for arms, (look closely -he seems to be wearing a jumper but there’s actually no sleeves).


Another strategy is to assume The Crab. crouch

This involves making yourself very very small and covering your eyes. When you do this,  the bad things can’t see you (see right).

This guy’s held his a little long, but you get the idea.


Then, there’s the wardobe.  A handy, pre-fab shed, that’s not only cushioned, but death/bill/pain proofed.  I’m not sure God can hear your prayers in there, (it’s solid oak), but if you open it slightly, they should slip through. Under a table (with the cloth hanging down) is also a good refuge. If you’re feeling sociable, hang out a sign – ‘visitors welcome’.  Or, for cloistered seclusion: ‘I’m in a meeting’.

Mantras are also key to mental well-being.  ‘Brace, brace’ is a personal favourite.

Finally: ask yourself, ‘what would Jack Bauer do?’ That’s right, he’d go to bed with a box set and some munchies. Go thou and do likewise.



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