Quiet Time

breathStop. Close the door. Take off your shoes.  Let out your breath: and rest now with me.

I’m always with you.   I know every detail of your life. But I love to hear your voice.  I love to sit with you. I look at you and I am filled with joy.

Lean back.  There’s no-where else you should be.   And there’s nothing else you need to do.

Tell me about your day.  Where you went, who you saw.  The dog on the train.   The phone-call with your sister. The things that made you laugh.  The little scars that no-one saw.

Listen to the stillness.  The throb of your pulse.   Your heart, beating out time.  The body I have created. The person that I love.

You are precious. And I am with you.

With Me, you can rest.




6 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. Emma I so needed to hear these words after a stressy, crazily busy day. “Come to me. You will find rest”.

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