Weird Christians

quiche– following someone who tells us  it’ll be hard and feel like death

– repeatedly giving chances to folks who let us down

– moving somewhere scary and dangerous to talk to people about a God they don’t want

– staying somewhere because you love Jesus: even though you’d be happier somewhere else

– inviting strangers into your house and trying to get to the same answers from the same    book

– giving to people who can’t say thank-you and we’ll probably never meet

– not doing what feels natural or listening to our hearts

– talking to someone we can’t see

– not living like this is it

– eating quiche


6 thoughts on “Weird Christians

  1. Okay – in the face of the evidence, it would appear that I’m weird for not liking quiche. Apologies to Christians everywhere..

  2. Hi Emma!

    I reckon quiche is okay so long as it has a bit of chilli in it! (But it’s too scary for me to eat anyway)

    I think you might have missed out,
    ‘wearing really uncool clothing’
    ‘drinking blackcurrant instead of wine’.

    I rely on NOT doing these as a way of seeming like an UNweird Christian… but it’s such a fine line between not putting people off with weirdness, and following Jesus’ example.

    Hope you are okay


  3. Speaking of quiche and other people who do not like it… did you ever hear the story of John Wayne’s um…bowels when he died? 40 pounds or something like that.

    Never was able to feel the same watching him saunter slowly across the screen after that. Gave new meaning to his nickname “The Duke”

    By far, the weirdest thing Christians do is go to church week after week. Dread it, complain about it, brag about it, and insist everyone else do it too, OR (this is more my line) not go and feel both relieved and riddled with guilt about it.

    Totally weird.

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