The Skinny Elephant

elephantHere’s the irony. You’re a 6 stone bag of bones but you take up all the room in the house. You feel like you have no voice but your whole life is screaming. You feel invisible but everyone’s looking at you. You try to shrink away but you only stick out more. You’re the elephant in the room – the painfully skinny elephant. But it’s horrible, the more you slim, the larger your presence. And no matter how you try to escape yourself, the whole world gets sucked into you.

From the outside people see a years’-long tantrum thrown in willful obstinacy. From the inside, no-one is listening, no-body hears. From the outside, friends and family feel helpless, despairing, impotent. From the inside, friends and family feel threatening, bullying, oppressive. From the outside it looks like a calculated hunger strike. From the inside you feel there’s no other way.

But there is.

You don’t need to scream in order to be heard.

You don’t need to achieve in order to have value.

You’re not in control – but He is.

You don’t need to shrink. Or to stand out.

You can just be you.







1 thought on “The Skinny Elephant

  1. the more you hurt or have been hurt within and without, the more you seem to pare down the Gospel to essentials. I am not bitten like you but i am emotionally charged and skewed and he is more than able and willing to square up to us. I know you haven’t been in a dark place, it just translates like that. Where you have been i dont know nor will ever know, but it is like you opened a door and the light came in, or something like that.

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