New Name, New Face

faceliftYou’ve probably spotted that the blog’s had a face-lift. It’s the same old rantings, but hopefully a bit easier to read and navigate.  Big thanks to The Amazing Hugh Bo for all his patience and hard work. You’re a blog legend, Hugh.

I’ve fought tooth and nail to retain the wood background, which I’m told is dated and naff and all sorts of wrong.  (There’s apparently a reason you don’t see it on other blogs). But I think I like it.  And I threatened to use ‘Brick wall background’  if I was thwarted, (like telling your mum you’ve killed a man then saying ‘only joking, but I did crash the car’ – lesser of two evils).

Anyway. There’s probably some bits that need tidying and I’ll need to get higher res images that don’t look blurry.  But I’d love to know what you think and if you’ve got suggestions for how it can be improved.  (Don’t push me on the wood people, unless everyone really hates it, in which case I’ll dump my principles and go corporate). I may even join twitter.

Thanks so much for reading.


15 thoughts on “New Name, New Face

  1. Looks good, Emma. But I’d still like to have a link from each post to the ones either side please. I tend to read about three in a go and like to be able to click straight through from one to the other without having to go to the blog homepage each time.

    I quite like the wood too.

  2. YTVW: we’ve put links to side posts at the end; hope this is easier to read. Claire – you have excellent taste. I’ve Always said so…

  3. I was about to say “Maybe slightly smaller font”, then realised I had it on 150% zoom. So your font size is just perfect.

  4. Why has the Mona Lisa got two ostrich eggs down her front?? (oh, and I like the wood,, symbolic don’t you know?? Carpenter, tree of life etc etc)

  5. J – I do the zoom thing too. I thought it was a problem with the google.
    Susan – we’ll keep it then. But only because you’re insisting.
    Annabel – natural beauty is overrated. #pimpmymona

  6. Yes, same. I love the wood. I actually dislike many blogs because they look either boring or just horrible.
    Nice blog :)

  7. I love it! The wood’s fine, and anyway, your words far outshine whatever background they’re placed against. If you like the wood, keep the wood- it’s not offensive, and I can’t imagine it would discourage anyone from reading!

    Love the new header with drop downs, too, they’re great :)

    The only thing I’d change is the order in the sidebar- personally, I’d prefer to have recent posts above recent comments, and archive is also more important to me than comments or tags. :)

  8. What happened to the cozy cup of joe? It felt so… so… welcoming.
    I’m glad to see you kept the wood. Otherwise why bother? :)

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