3 mins on Love (updated!)

love lentHere’s a wee interview I did with BBC radio on ‘love’ (airing today as part of their Lent series). I’ve updated it so you can listen direct instead of downloading – sorry if this has been tricky.

Mum was very excited (but I think she got it mixed up with the Archers and I haven’t broken it to her yet).





















8 thoughts on “3 mins on Love (updated!)

  1. Emma, this is amazing! Praising Jesus for how he has brought you through. Knowing that Jesus loves and forgives me is oxygen to my soul right now. Thank you. xxx

  2. Well, I am rather miffed that I have been unable to watch this on iPhone or iPad! Sad times :( x

  3. Sorry K (and anyone else who had problems downloading) – I’ve updated it so you can just click and listen.

  4. You beauty ;)
    Thanks for updating so we could listen :)
    Nice to put a voice to your blog. Your words are always so encouraging x

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