What God is Not

gandalf godGod is not:

  • holy Berocca: extra-special energy for extreme situations, or a pick-me-up for bad days
  • your homeboy
  • a lunch date for Sundays
  • a policeman waiting to pounce
  • a prankster: tying your laces and giggling when you trip
  • a portable teddy bear:  wheel him out for cuddles when you’re feeling sad.
  • a provider of parking spaces
  • lonely and in need of mates
  • a hole that fits between your pancreas and kidneys
  • Gandalf
  • divine disinfectant: to be sprayed into tricky corners or the bits that look especially bad.
  • bored, angry and bonkers
  • like me, only nicer/bigger/hairier
  • proof you’re right
  • a dead man
  • an exclamation or hashtag
  • a creepy stalker, sending you warm but cloying poems

No. “Jesus is the Image of the invisible God.” (Colossians 1:15)

  • Beautiful and scarred.
  • Hated and loved.
  • First and last.
  • Servant and master.
  • Creator and child.
  • Just and merciful.
  • A Person, not a principle.


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