You Should Know

nativityI’m a Christian.  But:

1.  I don’t think I’m a better person than you. The opposite. I know myself and it’s ugly in here.

2. I don’t read the Bible like other books.  Not because the book itself is magical, but because it tells me about Jesus: about who I am and what the world is. This is important, because:

3. the stuff we see isn’t the only stuff that’s there.  And I’m not talking about weird spooky spirits and ouija boards.

4. I’m not in a cult. (I was once, which is how I know)

5. I like church.  I (mostly) want to go. We have fine coffee and fine (normal) people and we talk about Jesus.

6. I don’t hate science or homosexuals or Richard Dawkins or people of other faiths.  And I believe in dinosaurs.

7. I’m not trying to save you.  That’s Jesus’ job. But He’s for you too, if you want Him.

8. I don’t think heaven is about playing a harp on a cloud.  I can think of (almost) nothing worse.

9. Christians do not look the same.  They’re completely different and that’s a very good thing.

10. I don’t think life can be summarised by a bumper sticker

11.  I don’t think Jesus will give me a Ferrari if I pray really hard, (though I won’t say no if he does).

12. I don’t watch Christian TV or listen to Christian music – and I’m still a Christian.

13. I don’t think sex is evil.

14. I am not a fan of clip art or group hugs.

15. When the preacher opens with:  ‘Bruce Springsteen once sang, ‘everybody’s got a hungry heart.  And you know what? He’s right’… I want to crawl under my seat too.

16. I don’t think that everything is ‘a bit like Jesus’.

17. I don’t like singing.  Some Christians do, but not all of us.

18. I don’t always feel close to God.

19. I don’t think the God of the Old Testament hates everyone and is angry –  and the God of the New Testament is groovy and cuddly and all about the love.

20. I don’t have answers to all my questions.




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