The Wednesday Dilemma

penguin 2Tonight is our home group.  Also known as ‘house group’, ‘fellowship group’, ‘bible study’, ‘cell group’ and ‘bible group’.

The name’s not important.  What’s important is that, right now, I don’t feel like going. And, about this time every Wednesday, I start thinking the same things:

I’m busy.  It would be much better to catch up on x,y and z than have to schlep out in the car.

I know this passage.  We’ve done it before.  Many times.  I don’t need to go.

TV looks really good tonight.  And I’ve had a Long Hard Day.

X isn’t going.  And if they’re not, then why should I?  No one will notice if I’m gone.

I can read the Bible at home on my own.  What’s the big deal about going out?

I don’t feel like talking.

My husband and I have had an argument.

I’m sure I can feel a cold/plague coming on.

It’s raining.

It’s sunny.

I never know the answers/I always know the answers/there are no answers.

What’s the big deal with bible study anyway?

But I put my shoes on. Because on Wednesday I remember:

I’m thankful I can read the Bible with others without fear of punishment

TV will not change my life.  These pages and this fellowship will.

If I’m not there and you’re not there, the group becomes less: and so do we.

When I read the Bible with others, I read it differently.  I see it through new eyes.  I see it working in lives – and that’s exciting.

I don’t have to talk.

I don’t have to be perfect.

I’m with family and that’s where I belong.

Their coffee is better than mine.



8 thoughts on “The Wednesday Dilemma

  1. “TV will not change my life. These passages and this fellowship will.”

    Thank you for that reminder!

  2. sounds like my group! a few additions re their front room can fit us all in plus their home baking is better etc, mine was cancelled tonight, postponed till next Wednesday, would not miss it for the world :)

  3. No matter what I’ve felt before going to our Bible study on Thursday nights I always come home feeling glad that I’ve gone. Most of the time we don’t even talk much about the Bible – we’ve discussed many times that the name of our group is probably redundant. We spend a ridiculous amount of time talking about football and politics! But the most important thing is that I know I have friends there that I feel comfortable with. I know I can share anything with them and there will always be someone willing to help me out if needed. We help each other to learn and grow and I always come home smiling. So, I guess it’s not really a Bible study per se, but a social gathering where we look out for one another…and I think that’s just as important :)

  4. Was having similar thoughts and struggles about our growth group as we call it tonight – reading this has convinced me to go – thank you

  5. yes – I’m always glad I’ve gone, though for me, it’s the Bible study that lifts it beyond a social gathering, and changes me most.

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