Two Voices

two voicesLies:

the most important thing in life is not to get hurt.

I’m such an idiot I may as well take refuge in the things that I know hurt me.

if anyone rejects me I must be unlovable.

I’m like this because I was born this way.

other people must meet my needs.

if I can’t do it perfectly, it’s better not to try.

I can’t be happy unless I get exactly what I want

if I don’t do it, it won’t be done/done right.

if I make a mistake, God won’t help me.

I must burn myself out to deserve any rest.

I have to control every aspect of my circumstances to be happy.

If I’m not happy I’m a bad Christian.

making a wrong decision makes me a stupid and a loser.

if someone criticises me, they dislike me and mean me harm.

I must do X because otherwise I might be judged.

God wants me to work harder.

If I hurt other people’s feelings, I am always to blame.


I am loved by God.

I am precious.

Life involves taking risks.

it’s hard to get hurt, but it doesn’t destroy me.

I have choices.

I can change.

It’s okay if not everyone likes me.

God wants me to rest.

Mistakes aren’t always bad: and God will help me, no-matter what.

I’m not in control, but God is and He can be trusted.

I won’t always feel like this.

I have hope and a future.



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