When ‘Yes’ is Best

sayyesIn yesterday’s post we thought about the times when it’s right to say ‘no’.  But if like me you get scared easily and hate the thought of change then maybe you have the opposite tendency. Maybe it’s time to start saying ‘yes’.

Here’s some reasons why we might need to rethink our ‘Nos’:

  1. When No is a way of avoiding relationship
  2. When No is a cover for selfishness or fear
  3. When No stops you using your gifts to serve God’s people
  4. When No means that those weaker than you are asked to carry more
  5. When No is your default answer, whatever the question
  6. When No doesn’t have the possibility of becoming Yes
  7. When No expresses your unbelief that things can change
  8. When No is just a way of not having to think about something
  9. When No is a way of avoiding discomfort
  10. When No is just the ‘way you are’


When things are asked of us, “Yes” is not always the Christian answer, but then neither is “No.” We have to go deeper. What is the opportunity? Who, (including you), will be blessed? And if everything in you is screaming “No”, what are you really saying ‘No’ to?

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