burdenIf you’re struggling with depression and you have made it out of bed,

You are doing great.

If you have chronic fatigue or anxiety and you hold down a job,

You are amazing.

If you have chronic fatigue or anxiety and you can’t work,

You are still amazing. Maybe this is the time for rest.  Tomorrow won’t look like today.

If you are healing from sexual abuse and find relationships difficult

You are normal and strong and you are learning to cope.

If you are struggling with OCD, and find it difficult to care for yourself, let alone your loved ones,

Be kind to yourself. You are learning to live  – and God will help you.

If you find it hard to leave the house or talk to new people,

Well done for trying: your fear does not control you.

If you are childless or single and find it painful to see families and couples,

It’s okay to grieve. God has good things planned for you – and you are not alone.

If you despair of your marriage or your kids or your life

You are not the best judge of these things.  God sees them and He is at work even though it seems hopeless.

If you feel you can never be forgiven and never know acceptance

You are wrong.  Jesus came for you.

If you hate your body and don’t know how to care for it

You won’t always feel this way. Despite your feelings, it is beautiful and purposeful, indwelt by God and bought by Him.

If you feel isolated and alone

Remember you are part of the family of God and you belong.

If you find it hard to hope and are just existing

Let Him hope for you and carry you.


‘Come to me, all who are weary and burdened: and I will give you rest’. Matthew 11:28

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