Spot the Difference

obsessive_love__by_tedieshiWatch a perfume ad. Or read a magazine.

How do you know when you’re in love?

You can’t bear to be without them.  They complete you.  They get you – when no-one else does.  Your passions are their passions. When you’re together, nothing else matters.  You can’t eat or sleep or think of anyone else.   They’re like no-one else you’ve ever met. You can’t believe how much they know about you and how much they think of you.


Watch a thriller. Or read a murder mystery.

What’s the profile of a stalker?

They can’t live without you. They believe they complete you.  They think they get you – when no-one else does.  They share your passions.  If you could just be together, then nothing else would matter. They can’t eat or sleep or think of anyone but you. They think you’re special.  You can’t believe how much they know about you and how much they think of you.

Something doesn’t quite add up..

4 thoughts on “Spot the Difference

  1. Emma, I think this really captures the frightening grasp that obsessive thinking can have. It takes continual prayer, support and courage to look full in the face of Jesus and let his peace, freely bestowed love and acceptance to absolutely crush destructive bonds.X

  2. That’s great!
    We’re in a culture that is spiritually empty. When we will not be filled with the true God we find substitutes that will never satisfy. This is the nature of most mental imbalance and nearly all addiction. And this along with distraction is all a godless culture has to offer to sooth the ache we all feel.

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