The Door’s Wide Open

open-doorJesus is a miracle worker.   He raises bodies from the dead. But He brings us new spiritual life as well – and not just as a once-off, like when we’re first saved. Every day, every moment – we can cry out to Him and He will revive our hearts.

If like me, your faith is sometimes flickering and faint.

If you’re cold or dry or weary or doubting.

If you’ve given up on God and given up on faith.

If you think you’re past help and past hope.

You’re not!

There are things we can do to inflame our faith: church, prayer, reading the Bible – and these are important.  But it’s not about us trying to ramp up a renewed sense of joy or hope – any more than it’s about us saving ourselves and forgiving our own sins.

Even if you’re convinced that you’ll never get your old faith back. Or that you will never know God the way that other people seem to.  Even if you’ve forgotten how it feels to love God or to trust.

Jesus says: ‘If you knock, I will answer’.

He will receive us and He will help us.


Give me a heart to know you. Help me to return to you though I feel cold and dead. This week, with all that lies ahead:

Help me to see your beauty afresh.






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