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frog and toadAfter yesterday’s post, (things I’d like my child to know), I asked Glen what he would add.  Here’s his list;


You’re loved before you do anything – that’s why we baptised you when all you could do was lie there and receive it.

You belong to Jesus before you belong to us – that’s why we baptised you, putting God’s name on you above every other name.

You belong to church before you belong to any other earthly body – that’s why we baptised you into the body of Christ.

This world belongs to Jesus – He’s not a spiritual hobby on the side, you really are growing up in His universe.

God’s grace flows downhill – your life is about receiving from Jesus and passing on.

Your life is found in losing it – not grasping, climbing, earning or performing.

The answer to every spiritual problem is the cross of Jesus.

The answer to every earthly problem is to take up your own cross.

God-stuff is not boring – Jesus is endlessly fascinating

Church is your family – please discover sane households there (cos ours might be a little lacking)

The world is not to be run from, but to be run to with love and prayer.

Be a little-creator, a co-creator. Your wildest imagination is not wild enough to capture the wonders of Christ, His gospel and His world – but trying is the stuff of life. Let your creative powers loose in words, music and art of all kinds.

Being naughty is not the worst thing – sorry if we give this impression. Failure to appreciate the love and forgiveness of Jesus is our biggest problem. Never doubt this.

Your father loves you – immeasurably. And this is only a picture for you of God’s love.

Always, always, always do what your mother says.

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  1. thanks ducky. But there’s a whole world of difference between intention and practice! Prayers definitely needed :-)

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