wp3This year, by God’s grace:

1. I will not try to get my body into better shape. I’ll learn to love the one I’ve got.

2. I will not work harder.  I’ll accept free and liberating grace.

3. I will not do more.  I’ll glory in Jesus and soak up His rest.

4. I will not make more time for me.  I’ll ask God to help me lift my eyes to the world I forget.

5. I will not feel guilty.  I’ll go boldly to the cross and glory in my forgiveness.

6. I will not teach my daughter to be a good girl.  I’ll tell her about Jesus and His love.

7. I will not be perfect.  I’ll do what I can and know that this is enough.

8. I will not play to my strengths.  I’ll confess my fears and face them in Him.

9. I will not revolutionise my quiet times with a new reading plan.  I’ll plod, quietly, but steadily, through God’s word.

10. I will not do it myself. I’ll ask for help, and be blessed in dependence.

11. I will not aim higher.  I’ll pray for contentment with what I’ve got.

12. I will not follow my heart.  I’ll ask God to show me His.

13. I will not try to succeed.  I’ll fail with more grace.

14. I will not try to make more friends.  I’ll nurture those I already have.

15. I will not run a marathon.  But I might sponsor someone else.

16. I will not be tidier.  I will try to make lots of mess.

17. I will not beat myself up when I break my anti-resolutions.  I will laugh and thank God for His grace.


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5 thoughts on “Anti-resolutions

  1. Thank you!!!!It’s so important to remember this and practise… instead of all those resolutions that don’t mean anything, except slavery.
    THough difficult to put in practise every day.
    Only in His grace en strength!

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