12 Ways Christianity is Different to Spirituality

hands claspedSometimes when I talk to others about Christianity, they say, “don’t worry, I’m very spiritual.”

This can mean lots of different things.  It might mean that they have an appreciation for the immensity and beauty of the universe.  It might mean that they have a strong sense of morality or social justice.  It might mean they believe in angels. It might mean that they don’t want to offend me, (or want me to shut up about Jesus). It might mean that they have lots of religious friends.  It might mean that they read certain kinds of books. It might mean they’re agnostic or atheistic, but don’t want to admit it.  It might mean they’ve moved away from the church of their youth, but still believe something. It might mean that they don’t set much store by money or material things.

What it doesn’t mean is that they’re  Christian. Here’s why:


spirituality is about self-discovery; Christianity is about God finding lost people.

spirituality is based on feelings; Christianity is based on the life, death and resurrection of God’s Son.

spirituality teaches you to rely on yourself; Christianity teaches dependence on Jesus for every breath.

spirituality says we are good; Christianity says we are so bad we needed the blood of God to rescues us.

spirituality says our greatest problem is intolerance; Christianity says it’s our sin.

spirituality is grounded in experience; Christianity is grounded in God’s word.

spirituality means we can all believe different things; Christianity is based on unchangeable, shared truths.

spirituality is about connecting with the spiritual world; Christianity is about God Himself connecting with us.

spirituality often relies on certain states or circumstances, (a beach in Bali); Christianity is just as powerful when we’re in the pit.

spirituality depends on a general sense of contentment and emotional well-being; Christianity stays true when our emotional health is poor and  everything is going badly.

spirituality is about rising above our bodies; Christianity is about redeeming them.

spirituality claims to be all things to all men.  Christianity offers all men all things – through One Man.


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