No Place Like (Church) Home

public-love-churchI love my church family.  I’m typing this now, because they are babysitting my daughter.  When she comes home, she’ll be grinning from ear to ear; and knowing she is safe and happy – I am too.

I love my study group.  We’re completely different women from all walks of life – but we share our questions, our struggles and our hearts.  We’re real about our struggles and yet, they inspire me to live for Jesus; more than any perfect motivational speaker or book.

I love our church leadership.  They give us their all and they serve us, in big and small ways; energy, time, prayers, resources. They don’t preach themselves. They’re human and imperfect; but their lives are shining for Jesus and as I see this, I believe afresh.

I love the refreshments team.  They get there early and they leave last.  They soothe fractious children with biscuits and fractious adults with caffeine and sympathy. They’re there, smiling and listening – even though they have their own troubles. Without them, we could all go home and drink alone.  With them, we have tea and laughter and fellowship.

I love our musicians.  Something in me soars when they catch our words and the music fills us, in a crescendo of joy and sorrow and thankfulness and praise. They teach us, “We are not alone.  We are God’s people and He is here with us; in all our circumstances.”

I love our children’s team.  Sheltering and teaching them; loving them and leading them; sprinkling them with prayer and glitter.  Cutting out giraffes, late into the night.  Giving up their Saturdays to eat pizza and play football and build relationships and talk about what really matters.  Showing them what it means to be a grown-up who loves God. There’s joy in it and passion and hope.

I love our cleaners. Many also  work as teachers and bankers and parents and doctors. They make our church a home; safe, welcoming, warm, clean. Like your mum, wiping your cheek.  Their actions say, “we care about you.  You belong.”

I love our admin team.  We don’t always see them, but they keep us connected.  They’re the engine, purring underneath the missions and the meetings.  They tell us what’s happening.  They spur us to prayer.  They remind us of where we’ve come from. They show us how we can bless and be blessed.

I love our welcomers.  When I bring a friend, I know they will be greeted with warmth and kindness and grace. A touch on the shoulder.  A smile.  This makes the difference.  This says, “no matter who you are; you belong”.


“By this all people will know you are my disciples; if you have love for one another,” John 13:35.



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