Fresh eyes

Feel like everything’s going wrong? Don’t panic…

  1. God works through what is unseen.  This means we CAN’T SEE IT. So, when you’re praying for rescue and He hasn’t beamed you up, stay calm.  You’re in safe hands.  Like being on the set of a soap opera.  All around you folks are hurling crockery and howling; but it’s just a story. The real action is behind the camera and every word is scripted.
  2. Remember His faithfulness in the past.  The time you didn’t get the job you wanted; but God gave you something better; when the love of your life dumped you, but God caught you in His loving arms. When your dreams crumbled…but He gave you new ones.  When you felt ugly and ashamed – but God burned beauty in your spirit.
  3. You are not the best judge of you. If you were, you’d be sitting friendless, in a hole marked ‘worm.’ That hole no longer exists.  Jesus came down into it and lifted you out.  You are seated with the Lord of all creation and marked with these words, ‘Holy, righteous, chosen, beloved, precious, spotless, purposeful, beautiful.’
  4. Can’t see the point?  Allow the bible to remind you. You’ve been entrusted with the secret of the universe.   The Lord is near. You’re part of a bigger story; and it’s not about your achievements or failure.  So now, relax.  Risk.  Be vulnerable.  Live the life you were made for; not the one you’re told you want.

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