Because Jesus has Risen…

1. He’s the God He always said He was.

2. He’s the Saviour we always hoped He’d be.

3. He’s the Lord that the enemy always feared would triumph.

4. Death is dead. More than dead – it is defeated, humiliated, laid bare.

5. Jesus took our sins to the grave and left them there.

6. Jesus stepped out of the tomb into new life, and that new life is ours.

7. Our old lives are like the grave clothes left behind.

8. Our new life (every day) is the life of Easter morning – beyond sin and death.

9. Jesus is vindicated as the righteous one — and in Him, we are free from blame.

10. We no longer live under the threat of judgement

11. We will live for ever with Him

12. Whatever the situation, we can say, “Where O death is your victory?”

13. There is a future for our bodies and our planet.

14. The future is His – and His story is ours

15. I won’t just see loved ones again – in Christ, I will hug them close.

16. The promises of old — thousands upon thousands from Scripture — are true, and ours.

17. Love is not mythical or futile or soppy or weak – it’s Christ’s path through darkness and into the light.

18. The world doesn’t determine who we are or what we are worth.

19. Jesus is LORD. So our battle-scarred Brother is in charge of EVERYTHING.

20. Whatever we face, it’s going to be OK. Really, really OK.


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