Lies believers believe

It’s not OK to be me.

It’s not OK to be weak.

God doesn’t want to hear from me.

My friends don’t want to hear from me.

If I try I will fail.

No-one else struggles like this.

God can’t use me. Definitely not right now.

Having needs makes me pathetic.

Naming my desires is too dangerous.

I must have what she has.

I should be where he is.

I know what they’re thinking.

They should know what I’m thinking.

I can do it alone.

I can’t do it at all.

It’s hopeless.

I’m hopeless.

The Bible is a burden.

Prayer is a chore.

Church is a test.

I can control my world (and it will make me happy).

I can control your world (it’s for your own good!)

God doesn’t really love me. Only ‘church me.’

The real me is unacceptable.

It’s wrong to have questions or doubts.

I need the love of X to make me complete.

The disapproval of Y destroys me.

Failure is final.

I am my struggles and my sin.

God doesn’t care what I do.

God only cares about what I do.

My past can’t be redeemed.

My present can’t be transformed.

My future can’t be better.



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