A New Name

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  1. Ruth Clemence
    Apr 02 - 2:05 pm

    Thanks Emma – wise words that I will be looking over more than once! :)

  2. Emma
    Apr 02 - 5:44 pm


  3. […] the meantime, here’s a great article I love that I came across this week, entitled “Discovering your calling” (and it’s not talking about us all becoming vicars – it’s about what it means to […]

  4. Dee
    Apr 09 - 1:55 pm

    Re-reading this again after the last conversation (haha I read this post briefly the first time, and didn’t realise that you’d really mentioned this point) … but on #9, & you – “Oxford grad & amazing writer” ??? (still true as a descriptor and not definition, ok ??)

    Okayyy maybe you’re more like, older-Christian-adult-friend I’m thankful for, haha xx still open to writing that AvPD article .. twiddle thumbs (ok I’d love to if you’d let me! ??)

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