This week….

Whatever lies ahead, here’s what we know for sure…

We have a loving Father who is working all things together for our good.

Sometimes we’ll feel angry or sad or overwhelmed or unsafe or crazy.  These feelings are not the truth and they will pass. Our circumstances will change. Suffering has a “used by” date and there is hope. Only Jesus’ future is forever. 

Whatever mistakes we make, there is always more grace in Jesus than there is sin in us

We are dearly loved, wooed, rescued and won by the Lord of creation. We have hope; whatever we face. It doesn’t depend on our feelings or our hearts or anything we do. It can’t be taken away by our circumstances or our wobbles.

Jesus fans into fire even the tiniest spark of faith in us – and He gives faith to those who ask Him for it. Maybe you feel like you can’t pray. Even so, Jesus prays for you. He pleads for you, as one pleads for a friend – even when you’re too tired to speak.

Our loving Father is full of grace and He delights to use the weak and the broken. Everyone qualifies!

Jesus sees all that goes on. Nothing is hidden from him. Nothing is wasted. You are not anonymous or invisible to the King of Heaven.

Jesus sees us in all of our mess, but instead of walking by, He joins us in it. The creator of the universe has pledged Himself to us – body and soul – and on the cross He is broken for us. Torn apart like bread and poured out like wine, He gives Himself so that we might be fed – and filled.

“I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”

(John 6:35).

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3 thoughts on “This week….

  1. so much I’d say if only I could put them into words properly but between work (omg, so much administration to be done. I love my kids most of the time but the marking and the tracking grades and the sometimes-wondering why can’t this parent understand that we did X because of Y reason and … plus midterm progress reports heh), and local NCov hysteria, just .. sigh >_>

    “Sometimes we’ll feel angry or sad or overwhelmed or unsafe or crazy.  These feelings are not the truth and they will pass.” – hits the nail right on the head (especially given that I’m someone who treasures safety and feels unsafe more often than an average person – emotional safety in my case, though)

    I’m ok, just tired from (unwittingly, unrealising-ly) picking up the vibes of Other People’s hysteria & panic (they raised the disease outbreak alert levels, 2hrs later people were hoarding random groceries in the supermarket and the queues were huge and long and everyone was packed like sardines and having stepped into the supermarket in what has ended up as my Big Mistake of a Friday … well let’s just say it was nerve-wrecking just trying to squeeze out of the supermarket crowd. :p So yeah picking up eg the nervous anxious energy in the midst of that situation is .. Not Cool.)

    But we’re truly largely ok (so all that hoarding was just hysterics & disproportionate overreacting on the part of those folks hahahah), lots of things being scaled down or cancelled in precautionary measure, but people without compromised immunity are still able to go about life as normal :-) We’ve had a couple of NCov clusters here and some of them includes a church spread cluster, so I guess understandably, local churches here are quite concerned/cautious.

    If you’d like to be praying alongside, you can pray for the spread to be contained quickly & for churches to have wisdom in managing the situation, & people will continue to meet (discerningly and responsibly) to read God’s Word together! & personally I’m just tired from work & writing student mid-term reports & facilitating video-conferencing lessons (for … who knows how long?!!, in light of the virus outbreak) ??

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