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I’d also be happy to come and speak at your church, youth group or other organisation about the issues raised here.

I’ve given seminars in the past on eating disorders, self-harm and the gospel. If I can help I’ll gladly receive invitations…

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  1. Hi Emma, I found your blog today after my Granny mentioned that she had heard you speak at a meeting. I can honestly say that I relate to your story so much, well, the early aspects anyway, as I am only 18. I have struggled with anorexia since the age of 13, as well as self harm, anxiety, depression and OCD tendencies. It has been a real struggle, and honestly I didn’t think I would be here today. During my illness I really strayed from God. This summer, I went to a church camp with some friends, and it planted a seed of hope in my heart. Since then my faith has grown again, and I have dedicated myself to recovery. Every day is still such a struggle, but I am trying my hardest, because I want to live my life to bring glory to God. I just wanted to email you and tell you just how inspiring you are, and I would love to be able to talk to you some more, about how your relationship with God has helped with your recovery. I hope that you are doing well, God bless, love Hannah x

  2. Hi Emma,
    Just enquiring if you’d be free/willing to come and do a couple of seminars at our church? (near Derby) – dates v flexible
    -thanks, Mark (Pickles)

  3. Emma. I just wanted to thank you so much for the talk you gave yesterday at my church.thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. Although I don’t struggle with an ED I found that a lot of the thing you talked about resonated with me..desire for control,wanting to appear ‘sorted’.so thank have an amazing ministry. I thought of that verse. ‘God works for the good of those who love Him’

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